There’s Always Another Mountain

There are many times when the world can shatter the sense one might have that it’s safe, that there are places you can go where bad things won’t find you. When that bad thing finally catches you it can steal your breath, leave you confused, hurt, and broken. It can feel as though what was right can never be right again. For some pains, time doesn’t heal, but thankfully for most, it does. You adjust, you grow, you move past it, but what about the things that time doesn’t heal?

How do you find a way through when the wounds caused by the bad thing are present every day? When the fear sits at the back of your mind, nagging, needling, whispering your insecurities every moment of every day? The solution to surviving through this type of thing is to keep moving forward.

You keep moving forward even though it hurts, even though every fiber of your body wants nothing more than to quit. Your own mind spits furious flows of doubt, saying that other people know you’re faking it, that you’re just bringing them down, that they can’t possibly know. Enough truth that it makes sense, but enough deception that it will hold you back from breaking through.

A journey like this is like an icy, muddy mountain in the rain. Some days you won’t be able to see where you’re going. Many days you’ll slip, fall, or just slide back downwards. The higher you get the harder it will be be to see where you started and sometimes that makes it seem like progress isn’t being made, the truth is much more opaque. The people who want to not risk failure, not realize that they are not going to go straight up that mountain, those people are still at the bottom of the mountain, lost beneath the fog of what you’ve already accomplished because you were willing to try.

Don’t give up because you can’t see how far you’ve come. Once you reach the top, the hard part is over, you can take a breath and appreciate the progress you’ve made. Don’t stop there though. Take that success and turn it into a string of successes. Life isn’t like a single mountain to climb, but rather a range of interconnected mountains, each a stepping stone to a harder challenge ahead. There’s always another mountain to climb if you look for one.

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