Superman Is Meant For Darkness, Batman For The Light

Batman is the hero du jour. A man of action, human, achievable and dealing with human problems. While he occasionally fights metahumans or beings with super powers, his realm is generally humans, broken as they are. With Batman a relatable hero, why do we even need Superman?

Sometimes what we need is an ideal. A goal so lofty and filled with sacrifice that it can feel beyond what we can achieve. Someone to remind us that statistically improbable events can happen. While a human hero, like Batman, shows that action is required every day to make incremental improvements, heroes like like Superman are required for the events that transcend the ordinary, the impossible fights that must be fought, the bigger issues that impact society.

There’s a Cherokee legend about two wolves that represent the opposing sides within each person, the moral is that the wolf that you feed is the one that grows strongest.1 While neither Batman nor Superman represent bad instincts inside a person, analogy of two approaches is apt. When working to improve every day lives, an approach like Batman is appropriate, someone to remind us to not become complacent. The slow steady effort marches us towards a goal. When you near a turning point or coming up against an unexpected challenge, Superman is the hero to embody. When times are darkest the world needs light. When it matters most to be an example, work towards being the ideal. Be the lighthouse guiding others while weathering the surrounding tempest.


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